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5844 Price Avenue

McClellan, CA 95652

*​ Standard Office Hours M-F 7am-5pm PDT,  but we frequently work extended hours*



Aviate's 8,000 square foot warehouse is located in McClellan's Business Park

McClellan, CA 95652  

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Office:   (916) 993-4000

Fax:  (916) 993-4010

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Timothy P. Devine, Lt. Col. USAF (Retired), President

Founder and chief visionary, Tim is the driving force behind the company. With 7 active deployments under his belt, he always finds a solution through tough situations. 

Diane Devine, Esq., Director of Finance & Legal Affairs

The backbone of our company. Diane ensures that Aviate is legally compliant in all our endeavors and helps direct the team towards greatness.

Tarek Aamer, Controller

Tarek is Aviate's Controller. He plans, directs and coordinates all accounting operational functions. Much like a Tiger, his favorite animal, he can be fierce when balancing our accounts. 

Allie Richardson, 

Accounts Receivable

Allie manages our Accounts Receivable. She's very creative in finding ways to close accounts to meet our customers needs, and has the cutest pup named Nova. 

Rahel Gebre, 

Accounts Payable

Rahel handles our Accounts Payable. She makes sure our vendors are happy and our relationships stay strong. She's a dignified lioness for all of our accounts.

Onisha Harris,  Contracts Intake Administrator​

Onisha is our Contracts Intake Administrator. She is the first point of contact for all of our contracts and has a wealth of knowledge in government contracting. She is wise like her favorite animal, the white tiger.

Aaron Sampat, 

IT Administrator

Aaron is our IT Administrator and overall technology expert. He keeps our systems up and running while ensuring safety and security for both our physical and digital networks. Much like his favorite animal, he keeps Aviate's cybersecurity gorilla strong.

Drew Heintschel, 

Operations Specialist

Drew is our ERP and Operations specialist. He takes on some of the biggest challenges our company faces and pushes us toward the future. His favorite animal is a blue whale - Probably because of it's big brain!  

Brent George, 

eCommerce Specialist

Brent is our eCommerce specialist. He designs our website, manages  Aviate's eMarketplace , and runs  our social media platforms . His favorite animal the grizzly bear. 

Amber Lamb, GSA Specialist

Amber is our GSA Specialist. She leads our GSA department, updates our multiple schedules, and makes sure we stay in compliance with all the rules and regulations involved with GSA. She's also a big fan of red pandas. 

Michael O'Hare, 

Outside Sales Administrator

Michael is our championship winning Outside Sales extraordinaire. He helps Aviate establish relationships, leads our in-house Grainger team. His favorite animal is the lion.

Tiffany Parsley, 

Project Manager

Tiffany is one of Aviate's most iconic project managers who's specialty is working with Tennent Floor Scrubbers and Waxie Janitorial Supplies to provide the best prices and knowledge to her customers. Her cat Vinny is pretty iconic too!

Erica Smith, 

Project Manager

Erica is our heavy equipment and materials project manager. She manages a strong group of relationships to provide our customers with lifts, utility vehicles, construction equipment,  tractors, warehouse solutions and more. Check out her Australian shepherd, Stella, modeling those glasses!

Sergio Garcia, 

Project Manager

Sergio is our project manager who specializes in mechanical systems and water management & analysis. He uses an array of relationships for different projects such as Generac,  Garratt-Callahan, Cummins, and more.    His favorite animal is the cheetah.

John Scott, Grainger Contracts Specialist

John is our senior Grainger contracts specialist. He and a small-team at Aviate work directly with Grainger to supply local, State, and Federal agencies, with everything they need for maintenance, repair, and operations. His favorite animal is the Orangutan.

Bryan Scoville, 

Contracts Specialist

Bryan is one of Aviate's contracts specialists. He works directly with TowFlexx electric aircraft tugs to supply agencies such as the Department of Defense with state-of-the-art technology. Much like his favorite animal, the squirrel, he's full of energy. 

Cassandra Morgan, 

Purchasing Specialist

Cassie is a purchasing specialist here at Aviate. She is a part of a team that oversees all aspects involved with purchasing products for our customers. Her favorite animal is the peacock. 

Cherie Linden, 

Customer Success

Cherie is Aviate's customer success representative. She helps our customers and vendors if there are any product issues, delivery updates, or returns. She also loves her chihuahuas!

Dillion Brown, 

Warehouse Logistics Coordinator

Dillion is Aviate's Warehouse Logistics Coordinator. With Aviate Enterprises, Inc. being partnered with Sika Roofing Products, he oversees all roofing & coating opportunities with Sika Manufactured products. The pangolin is his favorite animal on the planet!

Dolphie Devine, 

Director of Public Relations

14 years old and still going strong! This fluffy little guy loves deli meats, cheese, and ear scratches. 

With our office being pet-friendly, he's always ready to make new friends!

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