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Air Delivery

Aviate Enterprises, Inc. is uniquely positioned mere steps away from the 10,500 foot runway of McClellan Air Field.

​This allows us the unparalleled ability to utilize this active airstrip which can support any aircraft in the world. 

With our President being an active pilot, and multiple planes in our fleet, Aviate provides Air Logistics of any capacity.

Warehousing, Shipping & Receiving

Aviate Enterprises, Inc. performs various material consolidation,  storage,  Military Standard (MIL-STD/ MIL-SPEC) packaging and delivery as part of our commercially-useful function. We also aide large businesses, manufacturers and distributors increase business opportunities within City, State, and Federal organizations.

One of Aviate's primary goals of our 8,000 square foot warehouse is to aid Government purchasing professionals through increased productivity while reducing the total cost of procurement.

Kitting & Assembly Solutions

Aviate offers kitting and assembly solutions that are designed to streamline the manufacturing process and bring efficiency to your productions. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your specific needs and develops a customized solution that fits your requirements. Whether you're in the electronics, medical devices, automotive, or consumer goods industry, we have the expertise and technology to support your production goals. Contact us today to learn more about how our kitting and assembly solutions can benefit your business.

Truck Delivery

In addition to having our own Trucks for delivering materials, Aviate's location is also a major advantage for doing business as Sacramento, CA is well-known for being a major hub for trucking in the U.S. 

From Interstate 80 starting in San Francisco and connecting Sacramento all the way to Washington D.C., Interstate 5 running from San Diego up through to Seattle, Golden State Highway 99 bringing the riches of California's Central Valley into the Capitol City, and more, Aviate is centrally positioned to take advantage of the best delivery routes in the country.